queen bella hadid

All things about the most gorgeous girl in the planet, Bella Hadid ♥

Anonymous: Is Bella's hair naturally brown or is it blonde?

it’s naturally blonde :)

how can someone be this perfect?
cmfrtable: how old are gigi bella and anwar?

gigi’s 19, bella’s 17 and anwar is 15 :)

tildakenn123: Does bella have layers in her hair or is it a blunt cut? Thankyou sweetie x

it looks like it’s just a blunt cut :)

aminabell: Just want to thank you for the amazing blog!! Now I don't feel like the only one who is totally obsessed with bella haha xxxxx she is perfect x

thank you soo much! xx haha believe me you’re not the only one :D

aaah i need a backpack like that!!